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Soup is a food in a liquid form, containing the extraction of many varieties of food, both animal and vegetable originated

Some soup are thin, others thickened by the addition of food and specific thickening agents. Soup is usually served hot, certain types may be served cold and jellied.

Soups are served to enhance a meal and to stimulate the appetite for a costumer. A soup can be a complete meal, containing broth meat, and vegetables. Soup is an indication to the costumer of the amount of attention a cook puts into his food preparations. If the sopu tastes good, the costumer will eagerly look forward to the following courses of his meal.

Soup Making

In making of soups, a good stock is of great importance. All ingredients used to prepare soups should be of the best quality. Soup should never be brought to vigorous boil at any time during the cooking process. To produce a good soup, one must spend time and effort. Soup offer a very desirable possibility of using leftover food, in the preparation of puree soups leftover potatoes and vegetables can be used in very economical way


Clear Soup

Broth and Bouillons are interchangeable terms. They are liquids in which any food, including vegetables, has been boiled and simmered. Originally they were specially derived from meats. Bouillon’s although they have been recent recognize exceptions. Consommé are clarified bouillon’s or stock reduced to increase richness.

Consommé may be made of beef, chicken and also fish. Examples:


  • Beef Consomm√©
  • Chicken Consomm√©
  • Fish Consomm√©
  • Consomm√© Nature
  • Consomm√© Royale
  • Consomm√© Dubary
  • Consomm√© Celestine
  • Consomm√© Double


Thick Soup

Cream and Veloute Soups

Cream soups (veloute) were made with veloute sauce, appropriate puree, and thickened with cream and thickened with cream and egg yolk (liaison) and butter. Examples:


Cream Soups

  • Cream of tomato
  • Cream of asparagus
  • Cream of spinach
  • Cream or rice
  • Cream of oatmeal
  • Cream of chicken
  • Cream of leek


Veloute Soups

  • Veloute of cauliflower
  • Veloute of fish Carmelite
  • Veloute of Marry Stuart
  • Cream Argenteuil
  • Cream Bressane
  • Leopold Soup
  • Veloute Chinoinesse
  • Veloute Andalouse
  • Veloute Carmen

Cut Vegetable Soup

All these cut vegetables soups are garnished on top with chopped parsley or chives when served. Vegetables should be carefully cooked. Start cooking the soup by adding the harder vegetables first the adding one by one the remaining vegetables according to their texture by this method you will not have mashed and flavorless vegetables in the soup

In some cases, you may want the soup rather thick in which case is recommended to add more potatoes and cook the right from the beginning mashed


  • Paysanne Soup
  • Cultivateur Soup
  • Bonne Femme Soup
  • Flammande Soup

Puree Soup

Usually heavy but can be made light and served as first course. Puree is made by one or thwo methods depending upon the ingredients which have or don’t have a natural thickening power. When items such as split peas, mashed potatoes or lentils are used in the soup, no additional thickening agent is needed. Other soups, however, like puree of carrot, asparagus, must be further thickened by adding such items as corn flour, flour, or mashed potatoes. Example of puree soup:

  • Puree Florentine (Spinach)
  • Puree Crecy (Carrot)
  • Puree Esau (Lentils)
  • Puree Freneuse (Turnips)
  • Puree Brenesse (Pumpkin)
  • Puree St. Germain (Split Peas)
  • Puree Dubarry (Cauliflower)

Special Soup

Special soups are those made with unusual ingredients and/or prepared by a distinctive method, such as


  • Beeftea
  • Shrimp Bisque
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Crustacean Soup
  • Germini Soup
  • Puree of Game Soup
  • Real Turtle soup Londonery
  • Onion Soup
  • Mutton Broth



National Soup

Gampangnya: ini soup yg dimiliki dari sebuah Negara, contoh: sayur asem

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